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Exhaustion and Relocation

March 1, 2011

So I’ve been waking up pretty exhausted and have decided it’s best for everyone if I really do stick to my in-bed-by-ten bedtime. On that note, I’m also pretty mentally exhausted. Many of you already know that we are moving across the country in June, and the clock is starting to tick for getting everything lined up to leave Texas and go to South Carolina.

Rental Trucks: not cheap

Plane Tickets: good deal via Southwest (we are so excited they are adding Charleston to their destinations this month!)

Putting House on the Market:  stressful. Those who are experienced… how do you de-clutter, pack, and keep your house neat and tidy while keeping up with 2 very young mobile children and the daily demands of life?

Finding Home for Dogs:  a lot of work…we have to make sure all vaccines are current, find proof of the fact they can no longer reproduce… blah blah blah… that is, unless we find someone we KNOW who wants two adorable well-behaved, well-trained 4.5 year old dogs (a boxer and a rottie).

Grieve the Fact we are leaving an awesome place:  nofun. So many close friends here. Such a great community that has done so much for us over the past 10 years… add to that the fact that we love the culture, food, and climate… ummm… sad.

ummm… That’s all for tonight. We are excited to move forward in the process for Yeadon to get ordained, excited to have a time of sabbatical and discernment in the fall semester… A bittersweet transition has just begun, and we would definitely appreciate your prayers!

Daily Links

The Feminist Breeder:  I told my family he’d wean before college. I was right.

The Start to Finish Moving Guide

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  1. Sandra Hicks permalink
    March 1, 2011 10:20 PM

    Oh…the rigors of moving and packing with little ones in tow! Jimmy and I have moved 22 times in 29 years! Nine of those moves were from the time I was pregnant with Shelby till she turned 4 ! We were ‘hometending’ and it was insane. I still can’t believe we did that. Hometending is when you live in a house that is on the market for SALE — but you pay rent. You don’t pay it to the homeowner but to the Hometending company and its cheap! We paid roughly $100 per week for homes that were often listed for over $175K. One home we lived in was a 5,000 sq ft. pecan farm! The whole time we lived this way we were required to keep 2/3 of our possessions packed in clean, matching boxes in the garage of whatever home we lived in. We could only put out furniture and basics (as in model home basics) to make the home inviting. It had to be in “show to sell” condition at all times — try doing that with four kids ages 9, 4, 18 months and newborn! Craaaaazzzyyy!

    But it was a good discipline. We learned that we could actually live without 2/3 of our possessions as they stayed in storage almost 5 yrs! My first piece of advice would be to pace yourself — and don’t start any HUGE jobs without hubby there to help. Second, an objective friend is invaluable if you are overly sentimental about keeping stuff (aka packrat) — don’t ask another packrat to come help! The purpose of the friend is when you find that old plastic baby pacifier under a pile of winter coats and you say..”..awwww…look, this was William’s first passy we got from Target!” Your friend can hold the wastebasket and say, ‘TRASH…now.” 🙂 Third — no ‘rabbit-trailing’ – that is when your goal that day is to pack up an entire hall closet and you get sidetracked by a small box of photos — this is commonly known as “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” syndrome. ….stick to the task at hand!

    Fourth — I see from your photos (unless they are stock photos off a photography website) that you already have books being packed. …that’s good — and not good. Before you pack anything else — get yourself an index box and index cards. Don’t label your boxes with whats inside — too tempting for thieves to find what they want at any juncture of the move. Instead (and this is SOOO helpful) …NUMBER your boxes. Create a corresponding card with the same number at the top of the card and then list the contents of the box on the card! If you want to get even more organized you can give each room of the house a color — and identify the box to the room by slapping on a fairly large (5×7?) piece of adhesive colored paper to the box and THEN number it — like…BLUE # 1, BLUE #2 and so on …that way you won’t end up with boxes numbered from 1 to gazillion — but each room (COLOR) will have its own set of numbered boxes from 1 to whatever you need for that room.

    This also makes it easy when unloading into a house…anyone can move you in when you stick colored paper to the wall in each room — the movers see what ‘color’ box they have and deposit that box in the right room! Wa la!

    I would also invest in some red and green boxes (if you can still find them) for Christmas decorations — orange or brown for fall decorations –and so on…These can also be numbered if you have enough stuff to need multiple boxes for holidays.

    As you get down to the wire you could leave 2 or 3 boxes open in each room for slowly packing away ALL of your things as the date nears — keeping the card taped to the box to write in the contents as you go — be sure to put away your cards and safeguard your box to remain with you for the trip. If you suddenly need those boots of William’s and you know you packed them — no need to tear open all the boxes — just go to the RED card section of your index box (if that’s his color) and look at your numbered cards till you see where you wrote it! 🙂

    Forgive me if I seem a little excited about this — I learned alot about moving and organizing when we hometended — it made an impression!

  2. Esther Burke permalink
    March 2, 2011 9:13 PM

    Boxes already! I hear you on the grief. Have hands to help you 🙂 so will be checking in soon.
    I’ll be feeling out the dog possibility. (Hope we come to a yes!)

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