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Christmas 2010

I am a researcher in the fields of Child Development, Nutrition and Interpersonal Relationships.

My research projects have been going on for a number of years (once a mom, always a mom!!). My research is conducted in the laboratory as well as in the field. I have two bosses. (God and my family). My topic is considered to be the most difficult aspect of sociology.(All moms will agree!!). I have to work more than 14 hours every day. Sometimes even 24 hours are not enough. My compensation is in terms of mental satisfaction rather than money.

I got the job description above in an email from a friend, and thought, “This describes being a mother perfectly!” When people ask me if I’ve thought about going back to school for a masters, I tell them I am doing plenty of independent study in parenting, relationships…etc! It’s no small task to be a mother!

Some of y’all know me… I really do love to research everything… especially if it’s about something that goes against our culture of comfort, convenience, and consumerism… of course this usually is done while I sit comfortably on my couch, conveniently surfing the internet and deciding I need to purchase some item to better my life…

Nonetheless, I aim to share helpful tidbits that I find while researching how to be a better wife, mother, and citizen of the local and global community…

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