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Sacred Influence: How God Uses Wives to Shape the Souls of Their Husbands
by Gary Thomas

This book began the revolution in my heart with my attitude toward my husband. It led to me buying the next book in the list. I think every woman who is at all like I am (wants to know WHY men act the way they act) should read these two books.

What Could He Be Thinking: How a Man’s Mind Really Works
by Michael Gurian

This is another must read for women who, like me, are looking for an explanation!

Sacred Marriage
by Gary Thomas

The book that started it all… Thank you Mom and Dad for giving this to us before we got married!


The Wonder of Boys
by Michael Gurian

Again, being a woman, I don’t much understand how the male sex operates… and having two sons, I found this book full of helpful information and explanations as to what boys need when they are children to help them learn to become good men.

The Wonder of Girls
by Michael Gurian

Haven’t read this one because I don’t have any daughters yet, but I do own it, and am sure I will find it equally helpful!

Positive Discipline: The First Three Years
by Jane Nelsen

Great book on positive discipline, as is the whole line of discipline books they have!

Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids
by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller

A must-read for anyone who’s ever been angry with their children (that’s all of us, isn’t it?)  Addressing common problem areas for children–such as annoying behavior, lying, not following instructions, and bad attitudes–this book outlines seven routines that will help children improve in these areas and allow them to thrive in their relationship with parents and with others.


Gentle Healing for Baby and Child: A Parent’s Guide to Child-Friendly Herbs and Other Natural Remedies for Common Ailments and Injuries
by Master Herbalist Andrea Candee with David Andrusia

This is a MUST HAVE for everyone! Even if you don’t have children, you will find the remedies helpful for yourself!  This book has everything from a simple honey-lemon tea, to homeopathics, to how to make and use your own herbal snuff!

Dr. A’s Habits of Health:  The Path to Permanent Weight Control and Optimal Health
by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen

I love this book! It’s great quality, layout, and information! It will teach you not only how to reach and maintain a healthy weight, you’ll find this book replete with all the tools to help you change those ingrained, lifelong habits that make it so hard to break free.

In the Kitchen

Vegetarian Baby
by Sharon K. Yntema and Christine H. Beard

Even if you aren’t a vegetarian or raising a vegetarian child, this book has great ideas for starting children on solids, as well as great information on nutrition in general.

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